What is counselling?
Counselling is a chance to work with a professional counsellor to make positive changes in your life. Counselling can help you to sort through thoughts and feelings in a safe environment, and to find strategies to help you cope with difficult situations.
Your counsellor will not tell you what to do but rather, will work with you to find a strategy that may help you to improve your situation.
The length of a counselling session is approximately one hour with the frequency and number of sessions negotiated between you and your counsellor.

What should I expect from my counsellor?
Your counsellor will encourage you to talk openly about your problem. Some people may have many problems they would like to talk about. Your counsellor will most likely address one issue at a time to ensure all of your problems are addressed.

Limitations on confidentiality
Whatever you discuss with your counsellor will be treated as confidential. If information is to be shared with other organisations then your permission must be given.
In some cases though, we must disclose information:
If there is a risk that you are going to hurt yourself or others
If your counsellor believes you have committed a serious crime
If a court of law subpoenas information about you 24 Hour Phone Support

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