Speech Pathology: Community Health - Speech Pathology
Assists people with difficulties producing speech sounds, stuttering, expressing and understanding language, projecting voice, swallowing difficulties and literacy development.

These difficulties affect the ability to learn, interact with others, participation in activities, self esteem and behavior.

Problems in language and other areas of communication can significantly affect a child’s ability to learn. A Speech Pathologist, therefore, plays an important role in the educational process.

Contact Details

Intake Worker
Ph: 03 5761 4500
email: e-referral@benallahealth.org.au
website: http://www.benallahealth.org.au

Postal Address

PO Box 406

Site Address

Benalla Health
45-53 Coster Street
Benalla, Victoria 3672

Operating Days & Times

8:30am - 5pm


Variable fees based on set criteria

Age Ranges

children aged between 0-6 years and adults over the age of 18 years

Wheelchair Access Provided


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